Time to make some changes.

My name is Helen Giddy and I am addicted to sugar.

There has been a lot about sugar in the news recently and just how harmful it is and it’s easy to agree and then just ignore it. I’d say my overall, day to day diet is good. It’s pretty balanced. I walk. I run (around after my one year old) so why don’t I feel as good as I used to?

It could be, being a new Mum at thirty five. It could be my sweet tooth or it could be a whole mixture of things.

I realised that actually, I have let things slip. I want to feel and look great instead of lethargic and squidgy. There is no quick fix to this. I’ve realised that instead of the latest fad, I need to work at changing my overall lifestyle.

So here we are. Day one. Today is the day I start my Slenderiiz program.

I’ve heard so many great things about this system and to be honest, the before and after photos speak for themselves. The fact that there are no drugs or chemicals in the drops really appeals to me. What’s the point in healthier, clean living if the slimming aids aren’t natural too?

My fridge is stocked, my Puritii water bottle is full and I’m ready to go…