Not another Fad diet?!

It’s that time of year again. The sun comes out just enough to remind us that we are finally on the right side of the year and summer is coming. Absolute joy at seeing blue sky and sunshine however is quickly replaced with, fear.

Lots of us go through this, year after year.

My mind races, trying to calculate how many weeks I’ve got left to try and squeeze into that dress I got for my friend’s wedding/party/social event. Can I lose four stone in a morning so that I can feel comfortable at a neighbour’s barbecue this evening instead of covering up in a cardigan/shirt, being a sweaty mess because I don’t want to show my muffin top.

All I want each summer, is to feel comfortable in my own skin. To be cool (in temperature!), to wear what I want, to not be self conscious, to be in good health and full of energy and to enjoy myself. Of course this applies to the rest of the year too but these feelings are heightened right now.


Whilst this all seems very shallow, my health and general wellness are also on my mind, especially now I have a young family. The fact of the matter is, yes I need to learn to love myself more but if I’m feeling fat and self conscious, then I probably need to shift some weight. Be it for health reasons or vanity or both, something needs to happen.

I started this amazing program last year and lost 18.5lbs. I was full of energy and felt great. I stopped before I hit my target and now spring has arrived to kick my butt into gear once again and I am determined to get there.

I’m sure like me, you have tried the odd diet. I knew that I didn’t want to just eat cabbage or eat low fat but carry on eating sugar (more on this later). I didn’t want to fast or replace chewing with drinking. I didn’t want to deplete the nutrition in my diet and I do not ever want to gain the fat back!

No more fad diets.

What on earth makes this one so good? 

I like to refer to this as a fat loss program and not a weight loss program. This is not about detoxing for a few days and losing water (putting yourself in a bad mood and giving yourself a huge headache) or eating up valuable muscle mass (leaving you pounds down but feeling weak, drained and still hanging on to that fat). This is about ridding your body from dangerous, hard to shift, fat cells, once and for all. This is about addressing the issues why we gain the fat in the first place, putting our bodies back into balance, feeling great, getting rid of it and not gaining it back.

How does it work?

  •  A controlled, clean, low glycemic diet plan. Think, lean meats plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy fats. The diet is stripped back to basics so nothing man made, processed or high in sugar or salt. Real, whole food.


The Glycemic index (GI) is a way of measuring a particular food’s effect on your blood sugar level. Foods with a low GI value are more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised. Therefore consuming more of these types of food, results in a lower and slower rise in blood sugar levels, stabilising them.

These foods basically keep you going for longer and stop you from going shaky  between meals or getting headaches and feeling grumpy (or ‘hangry’ as my husband likes to call it). Stabilising your system in this way is so important, especially with type two diabetes still on the rise.

  • Pre-meal drops, 10-20 minutes before eating. These drops are an all natural herbal blend that is placed under the tongue for a few seconds before swallowing. The ingredients in these drops help to combat cravings and stave off hunger. They balance out hunger hormones and stress hormones. They help to stabilise blood sugar (along with the low glycemic diet), They also give an energy boost and help to increase metabolism.
  • Move around more. This doesn’t have to be hard core exercise but some form of movement does help when put together with the rest of this program. I try to walk more, instead of taking the car for example. If you can walk or swim or take a class then great but if not then this program still works wonders, just not as quickly.
  • Use a protein drink, packed with nutrients to snack on between meals.
  • Drink pure water.
  • Take night time drops (that come with the day drops). These help you to relax and I personally sleep like a log after taking them. They too have all natural ingredients and help your body to rest and repair itself. If you have read my blog post ‘sleep better, lose weight’ then you will know how important sleep is when you’re trying to burn fat and these drops work like an absolute dream.

That’s it: Eat whole foods, snack healthy, drink pure water, sleep well and take the little drops of joy.

The drops basically make it as easy as possible for you. How much easier would it be for you if you weren’t  hungry? If you were eating real food? If you were feeling energised and happy? If you were burning fat more effectively? If you were sleeping like a cosy baby?

No more diet pills, replacement meals, low fat and sugar laden diets or quick fix detoxes.

Are you feeling like me, like enough is enough?

If you’d like to know more about this program and how you can get rid of the fat and help to keep it off, in a healthy and safe way, click here.

Message me to find out how you can save money through purchasing online or if you have any questions.

I am here to support you every step of the way.

I’ll be back soon with posts on belly fat, self sabotage, detoxing from sugar and mindset. If you never want to miss a post then you can subscribe to this blog or like the MyWellbeing365 Facebook page by clicking on the links at the top right of this page.

Until next time 🙂









Small changes

I could tell you that my little drops of joy are working miracles but the truth is, it’s a combination of small changes that are making the difference. As my blubber disappears, people are now starting to ask what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.

The program is all about lifestyle changes. A combination of the homeopathic Slenderiix and Xceler8 drops, mind set, a low calorie diet, plenty of sleep, lots of pure water, a little exercise and Pure Nourish. I’ll post about all of these things but today I wanted to share with you a few simple ways I’ve changed my diet and how I cook.

I’m compiling a list of healthy swaps, some of which are already on my food inspiration page. Choosing foods with a low glycemic load is now second nature and I’m guessing it’s one of the reasons people who use this program don’t regain the weight. For example I now eat sweet potatoes instead of normal potatoes. In fact the whole family does! Not only are they packed full of vitamins but they taste great and will keep your blood sugar level steady. I’ve also swapped olive oil for coconut oil. The triglycerides (fatty acids) in coconut oil  do not get stored as fat in the body but are sent straight to the liver where they are used immediately as energy. Fabulous news if you want to lose weight and I’ve found it works well with both sweet and savoury flavours.

IMG_2843Pancakes are a weekend favourite in our house and I’ve found that by simply mixing eggs, ground almonds and a splash of almond milk along with mashed fruit, we get a very healthy and tasty treat on a Sunday morning. Ground flax seeds also work well in the mix.

This most certainly does not feel like a ‘diet’. I’m loving my food and look forward to meal planning for the week. I’ve expanded the range of foods that I eat and am experimenting with different flavours. Best of all I’m not going hungry!

Here is an example of how I’m changing normal recipes,

simple steps to a healthier

You would not believe how much fat I drained from that mince meat! I left it to cool and set and was sickened at the fact that we would have normally consumed the solid white mass.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint. I do fall off the wagon.

After running late one particular evening and hearing some bad news I felt that I deserved some comfort food. The voices in my head told me that one little cheat wouldn’t hurt. I actually couldn’t find any junk in the cupboards or fridge as I hadn’t bought any in so long but then I remembered… the fish fingers in the freezer. Yep, all thanks to my 14 month old I found myself eating (emergency, my baby needs feeding in a hurry food) a fish finger and potato waffle sandwich albeit in brown bread and I felt so satisfied! Unfortunately, I paid for it for the rest of the evening. I was sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable and a little guilty.

It happens but I get up the next day and start again.

Generally, I don’t miss carbs. My body seems to have adapted to my new clean eating and I have plenty of energy. I’m not sure I’ll completely rid the urge for pasta as I associate it with amazing flavours but after a little research and experimenting I am finding alternatives.



Courgetti! This is possibly the quickest meal ever. One medium courgette per person, using a julienne peeler, toss it in a pan with some coconut oil spices of your choice and some protein and hey presto. I finished my prawn version with some lime juice. My husband doesn’t do courgettes or prawns but was rather jealous when he got a whiff of this dish.

Watch this space for more inspiration and Slenderiiz support.








Why choose Slenderiiz?

There seems to be 101 different diets and programs out there. I’m sure, like me you’ve tried a few. So how do I know that this one will work?

First of all, I must stress that this is a lifestyle change and not a get skinny quick fad. The Slenderiix and Xceler8 drops are not miracle workers but they are effective slimming aids. You could try this through diet alone but you will have much slower results and if you have a lot to lose, you risk losing lean body mass and the possibility of being left with sagging skin. There are lots of different factors to this program. A low glycemic (and calorie) diet, the drops, regular exercise, plenty of sleep, water and optional meal replacement shakes and nutritional supplements.

For me, it’s not just about looking better. I want to feel better.

Diabetes is on the rise and it runs in my family on both sides. Having developed it temporarily during pregnancy, I gained insight into just how changing what you eat, can drastically impact on your blood sugar, general health and future health. Adopting a low glycemic diet meant I didn’t get the shakes throughout the day or feel as lethargic in the mornings. This program restricts your calorie intake but eating the right foods and taking the drops, means that you do not have to go hungry at all.

The Glycemic index (GI) is a way of measuring a particular food’s effect on your blood sugar level. Foods with a low GI value are more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised. Therefore consuming more of these types of food, results in a lower and slower rise in blood sugar levels, stabilising them. This in turn helps to curb hunger pangs and cravings (and that shaky feeling I was referring to!).


The Slenderiix drops are a homeopathic mix of herbs, minerals and remedies specifically chosen for their association with treating obesity and targeting specific types of fat, visceral (belly) and subcutaneous (think, cellulite). Combine this with the coenzyme form of vitamin B12 in Xceler8, plus the diet guidelines, plenty of water and exercise and you have a healthy and safe way (FDA approved) of flushing out fat and toxins whilst also suppressing your appetite and increasing your metabolism. Both products are free of hormones and stimulants.

So what does this weight management program entail?

There are three phases:

  • Preparation – Start taking the drops while cutting out all junk and processed food for two days. For optimum results you can add more healthy fats to your diet (avocado, raw nuts etc) otherwise, just eat normally.
  • Fat Burning – Start the low calorie diet, sticking to the approved list of foods. Eat regularly, with the most calories in the morning and the least in your evening meal. Don’t eat after 7pm. Drink plenty of purified water. Track your calories and water intake and exercise for 15-30 minutes five times a week. Take the drops. There is also the option of taking Pure Nourish as a low calorie, high protein and nutrient rich meal replacement.
  • Maintenance – Once you’ve reached your goal you need to gradually bring back carbohydrates into your diet, avoiding processed food and refined starches, white bread etc. Continue what you’ve learned! Be mindful of your calorific intake and the time of day you eat. Pure Nourish can also be used to maintain the new healthier you.


A common question is, ‘How do I know it’s not just the low calorie diet combined with exercise that is making me lose weight?’

Of course, if more calories are being burned than consumed, this is bound to result in weight loss.

However in 2012 a blind, placebo-controlled clinical study was conducted to test the efficiency of the Slenderiiz program. The results showed that over the same period of time, those using the drops lost 50% more weight than those following a low calorie and exercise regime alone.

Due to the nature of the program, the vast majority of people that have had success with Slenderiiz, have not regained the weight. This system provides a safe and effective long term solution to a problem many people have struggled with for years.

Here are a few before and after photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is definitely the change that I needed. Three weeks in, I’m losing inches and pounds, I have more energy and I’m feeling good.

A productive day.

So I took inspiration from my Mum today. She is super organised when it comes to shopping and cooking.

Changing my diet means having a lot of fresh food to hand. I have a fridge full of it and I realised that it’s pretty tough going trying to consume it all with no wastage.

With my husband away, cooking can be a bit of a chore but I have started to batch cook and freeze. I was also looking for an easy way to organise nutritious food for my little one. Whilst staying with my parents recently, Mum showed me her freezer full of peeled, chopped and blanched veggies. It was pretty impressive. How much easier would a stir fry be to just grab a handful of each from the freezer and chuck it straight in the wok? Or a wholesome home made soup?

To be honest, when my baby naps, all I usually want to do is collapse in a heap, have a cup of tea, check my emails, sit in silence… but today I was inspired and feeling energised after taking the natural boost Rejuveniix, I set to work.

Some Vegetables need to be blanched and some don’t. I found some useful information here . To stop them sticking together apparently you need to freeze them on a tray for an hour and then bag them up to store in the freezer. It works! If you have a spare shelf in the freezer that is.


Bag them up flat and squeeze out all the air,


then you can optimise space in the freezer.


I shall be doing this a lot. No more throwing away halves of onions!