There are two ways to receive discounts through our website. In total you could save 30% on the recommended retail price.

The first way, is to become a Preferred Customer. The option of buying a Preferred Customer membership can save you money from your very first purchase. The cost is a one off fee of £16.49 and will give you 15% off all of our products (across six different brands) for life!

If you are spending £110.00 or more on your order, the cost of the membership will automatically be covered by the discount you receive.

All you have to do is tick the ‘lifetime membership’ box at the bottom of the shopping page.

The second way, is to set up an automatic delivery every four weeks. This also gives you a 15% discount. Many of our products (if using the recommended dose or amount) will be consumed within 28 days. This is therefore, a great saving for those using our nutritional supplements and personal care products for example.

To set up an Auto Delivery, click on the gold bar at the top of the shopping page.

The Auto Delivery can be amended or cancelled at any time.

Put the two discounts together and you have a huge saving of 30%.

Happy shopping!

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