2nd week weigh in.

Another healthy loss. My jeans seem to like me again!

Seeing results so quickly is really keeping me motivated. In the past, with any diet, the first week has always been a good loss then it starts to go a little slower. It’s the same for the Slenderiiz program. I hope to keep losing 1-2lbs per week from now on.

So far there are a few differences though.

Firstly, and amazingly, I’m not hungry! For the second night in the last week I’ve had a Pure Nourish shake for dinner. Last week I only had it for the odd lunch, when I was on the run or if there was nothing inspiring in the fridge. I had my new favourite, 8oz almond milk, 2 scoops of Pure Nourish, a pinch of cinnamon, 1 banana and a big handful of frozen berries, all blitzed in the blender. An ice cold smoothie (so good).

I expected to need to snack later but four hours on and I’m still not hungry. This means that the Slenderiix drops are working!

Secondly, because I’m keeping myself full with lots of protein, fibre and water and taking my daily superfood Moa shots, I’m not missing anything or craving anything. I guess my body is getting everything that it needs.

After a little while, I usually get bored eating lettuce or I simply miss chewing if I’m having regular meal replacements but I’m actually looking forward to and enjoying every meal (not because I’m starving either!).

If I’m sounding a little enthusiastic, it’s because I’m so happy with what I’m doing and I want others to be happy too!

Choosing what to eat is sometimes a stumbling block for me. When there are set rules to a program I tend to do better as I need a proper plan rather than, ‘just cutting down’ or ‘eating salad’. Slenderiiz gives you a list of dos and don’ts. I however need I bit more inspiration than that and I thought others might too. As I create something yummy to eat I am now adding it to the Food inspiration (under Support) page. Please note, these are not approved Slenderiiz dishes (hence no actual recipes) but they follow the guidelines and are also helping me get to my goal. And when I get stuck, I’ll also be using the gallery for inspiration.

Fingers crossed for another great week!



Author: Helen Giddy

A health conscious, new Mum, I was looking for ways to improve my overall wellness. A good friend introduced me to products that were 100% naturally sourced and working wonders for his family. I am not only benefiting from these myself (with more energy, clearer skin and improved sleep) but am delighted to now be able to help others by becoming an official distributor of these wonderful and unique products. I am also about to begin the weight-loss program myself. To see my progress please follow my blog.