A productive day.

So I took inspiration from my Mum today. She is super organised when it comes to shopping and cooking.

Changing my diet means having a lot of fresh food to hand. I have a fridge full of it and I realised that it’s pretty tough going trying to consume it all with no wastage.

With my husband away, cooking can be a bit of a chore but I have started to batch cook and freeze. I was also looking for an easy way to organise nutritious food for my little one. Whilst staying with my parents recently, Mum showed me her freezer full of peeled, chopped and blanched veggies. It was pretty impressive. How much easier would a stir fry be to just grab a handful of each from the freezer and chuck it straight in the wok? Or a wholesome home made soup?

To be honest, when my baby naps, all I usually want to do is collapse in a heap, have a cup of tea, check my emails, sit in silence… but today I was inspired and feeling energised after taking the natural boost Rejuveniix, I set to work.

Some Vegetables need to be blanched and some don’t. I found some useful information here . To stop them sticking together apparently you need to freeze them on a tray for an hour and then bag them up to store in the freezer. It works! If you have a spare shelf in the freezer that is.


Bag them up flat and squeeze out all the air,


then you can optimise space in the freezer.


I shall be doing this a lot. No more throwing away halves of onions!





Author: Helen Giddy

A health conscious, new Mum, I was looking for ways to improve my overall wellness. A good friend introduced me to products that were 100% naturally sourced and working wonders for his family. I am not only benefiting from these myself (with more energy, clearer skin and improved sleep) but am delighted to now be able to help others by becoming an official distributor of these wonderful and unique products. I am also about to begin the weight-loss program myself. To see my progress please follow my blog.